This is where it all started for us in 2000 when we got Sneaky (Nailbourn Othello At Daltdach) he was a beautiful shaded red mini long haired boy and bred by the Hon. Mary Morris of Nailbourn Dachshunds. He was sired by Champion Zadophi Hot Shot and was a real character, we were completely smitten.  Roo (Mardoniche Roo's And Two's At Daltdach) a chocolate and tan mini smooth bitch joined us not long after in July 2001. We managed to wait over a year for Ono (Dolyharp John Lennon At Daltdach) who was a much anticiaped stunning silver Dapple male who descended from Wilmarsh and Jadag lines bred by Carol Worswick of Dollyharp Dachshunds. He finally arrived with us in late November 2002. After we lost Sneaky so unexpectedly on the 25th of November 2003 to leukemia, luck played her part and were given the oporunity to have his half sister Daisy (Nailbourn Cream Daisy At Daltdach) a small but stunning shaded cream bitch, also bred by the Hon. Mary Morris as she had just bred Sneaky's Mother again for the final time when we contacted her to let her know the sad news of Sneaky's untimley passing,  Daisy joined us in April 2004.  Lastly Marmite (Barisse Una May Of Daltdach) who was a lovely very well bred mini wire bitch bred by Ann Shelton of Barisse Dachshunds, joined us in July 2004 after being in touch with her by Ian Seath  through The Dachshund Showcase. Roo, Daisy and Marmite were to be our foundation bitches for Daltdach Dachshunds.