(Boston Terrier / Whippet) Contract Of Sale

Parties to the sale agreement

This agreement is made between Mr P.T & Mrs J.R Dalton / (“the Breeders”)  and  Mr & Mrs J. Somebody (“the Purchasers”) of  5 My Street , My Town, Somewhere , AB123CD

This agreement sets out the conditions under which the Breeder is prepared to sell : Mumuland’s  ******  De Mumu (“the Puppy / Dog ”)  to the Purchaser for a total sum of £

Kennel Club Number:                                     Microchip Number:

Signature of this agreement shall be deemed consent to the terms and conditions contained herein. The Purchaser should not sign this document unless they intend to be bound by its terms. Terms and expressions used in this document are intended to have their commonly understood meaning. The Purchaser should seek clarification from the Breeder if they are in any doubt about what each term means.

Obligations of the Purchaser

To provide the Puppy with a lot of love and attention and keep the puppy happy and healthy.

To be a responsible dog owner with the reputation of the breed uppermost at all times.

To be the future owner of the Puppy and not have purchased the puppy for resale.

Not to export the puppy.

To keep the puppy in conditions appropriate to the needs of the breed for it’s health and welfare.

To ensure the puppy receives routine and emergency veterinary treatment and care when required.

To ensure the puppy is not neglected or mal-treated in any way.

To feed the puppy / dog on a suitable diet which is suitable for it’s breed and age.

To regularly exercise the puppy in a way which is appropriate to it’s age and breed.

To ensure the puppy is wormed regularly and routinely vaccinated in accordance with recommendations by a qualified vet.

Not to have the puppy neutered until an appropriate age (usually after 12 months in the case of a dog and after the first season in the case of a bitch).  If the puppy is enjoying a successful show career or if the owner prefers not to neuter their dog for another reason then the breeder agrees that the dog can remain entire so long as the dog is not used for breeding without the Breeders permission .

To contact the Breeder in the first instance should the Purchaser no longer wish to look after or own the puppy / dog and not to resell the puppy / dog without the express permission of the breeder under any circumstance.

To pay for any reasonable expense incurred by the breeder for the recovery of the puppy if it is found to have been transferred to another person either in the UK or overseas without the express permission of the breeder.

To pay a minimum re-homing fee of £650 to cover any expense incurred and pay any extra reasonable expense incurred by the breeder if the puppy is returned for re-homing and to have the puppy vet checked with a written letter from their vet confirming the health of the puppy before returning it to the breeder.

Obligations of the Breeder

To the best of the Breeder’s knowledge to sell the Puppy / Dog to the Purchaser in good health and free from any life threatening, physical defects or abnormalities known to the Breeder at the point of sale which have not been brought to the attention of the Purchaser.

To get the Puppy health checked by a qualified vet before it goes to its new home.

To draw to the attention of the Purchaser the endorsements on the Puppy’s Kennel club Registration Certificate (see below)

To have the parents health tested with any relevant health schemes as so to fully comply with the relevant health testing schemes advised by the Kennel Club to meet the requirements of the Assured Breeders Scheme.

If the Puppy is 12  weeks or more in age, to be fully inoculated and to provide details of any immunisation given to the puppy to the Purchaser at the point of sale (although it is likely that this will be the responsibility of the Purchaser to complete the vaccination course unless the puppy is over 12 weeks old).

To provide short-term health insurance for the Puppy from the time it leaves the Breeders premises for a period of at least 4 weeks or for another period as indicated on the cover note.

To provide the Purchaser with confirmation of the Puppy’s registration with the Kennel Club and an authenticated copy of the Puppy’s pedigree.

To provide the dietary information to the Purchaser for the puppy’s first few months, along with other useful information about the breed and general care of the puppy.

To take back the puppy if the purchaser can no longer meet their obligations.

Payment Terms

Payment shall be cash, electronic transfer or Bankers Draft . A personal cheque may be accepted but only by prior arrangement with the Breeder. The Purchaser should note that the value of the Puppy is likely to decrease with age. The Puppy shall remain in the possession of the breeder until cleared funds are received and the contract terms have been agreed by both parties.

Conditions of Registration with the Kennel Club

Unless otherwise expressly noted in the contract, the puppy’s Kennel Club registration document will contain two endorsements;

The first is that the puppy can not be registered with an overseas Kennel Club. The second endorsement is that no progeny can be registered with the Kennel Club. The intention of these restrictions is to prevent the puppy being used to breed with or being exported without the breeders express consent . Either or both these endorsements can only be removed with the Breeder’s consent  and will only be lifted provided several conditions have been met by the Purchaser and agreed upon with the Breeder prior to being exported or bred from.

Guarantee & Limitation of Liability

If,  within 72 hours of purchasing a puppy under the age of 16 weeks, the Purchaser wishes to return the puppy and the puppy is in the same condition that it was sold to the Purchaser, the breeder will without question return the proceeds of the sale to the Purchaser less any reasonable expense incurred which will be a minimum of £650 within this 72 hour period.

All reasonable care has been taken to raise a happy, healthy and mentally sound puppy. The Breeder will make every reasonable effort to help and assist the Purchaser to ensure that the Puppy grows into a loyal and devoted member of the Purchaser’s family. However, the Breeder cannot accept responsibility for the health and safety of the Puppy once it leaves the Breeder’s premises.

If the puppy is to be found to be suffering from a severe significant health problem or disease by a fully qualified vet within 7 days of purchase that was not mentioned at the point of sale, then the purchaser has the right to return the puppy to the breeder for a full refund. The Breeder accepts no financial liability for additional costs or possible distress of the purchaser if the puppy has an health problem or disease that was pointed out to them at the point of sale or has to be returned to them for health or any other reason at any time during the puppies life.  If the puppy is found to be suffering from a health problem or illness after the period of 7 days after the sale has taken place the breeder is not under any obligation to return any of the original payment for the puppy and accepts no financial liability for additional costs involved with the dogs treatment or possible distress of the purchaser throughout the life of the dog.


It is understood that if there is significant failure by the Purchaser to comply with conditions set out above that the Breeder reserves the right to take the dog / puppy and the KC documentation from the Purchaser without financial restitution or compensation.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed and construed under the English Law and remain the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Breeder’s signatures:                                                                                                                                            Dated:   

Purchaser signature:                                                                                                                                             Dated: