(Boston Terrier / Whippet) Puppy Reservation Form

This Puppy Reservation Form sets out the terms under which the stated puppy will be reserved by the Vender: Mr P.T & Mrs J.R Dalton, of Flash Farm, Averham, Newark, NG235RR

for the Purchaser: (detailed below)


New Owner/s Name/s:






Proof of identity of new owner/s provided:          YES           NO


The vendor agrees to reserve the chosen puppy for the purchaser provided the purchaser agrees to the following terms:


  • The purchaser to provide the full name, address and contact details along with proof of identity and address of the person who will become the legal owner of the puppy.


  • To disclose any relevant information about family or work commitments or financial status which may have a bearing on their suitability as a dog owner or affect their ability to meet the dogs needs. If the vendor discovers that they have been mislead or been given false information by the purchaser then the terms of this agreement will be deemed to of been breached and the purchaser will forfeit their right to the puppy and the agreement with be null and void.   


  •  To pay the deposit 1/6th the purchase price - Which is non refundable unless the puppy is found to be suffering from a significant health problem by a qualified vet before the age of eight weeks of age and before the puppy leaves the vendors home.


  • To arrange to collect the puppy at an agreed date between eight and ten weeks of age, so not to have a detrimental effect on the puppies socialization period. If the puppy is not collected on the agreed date or after the pup reaches 10 weeks of age the owner will forfeit their right to the puppy and this agreement will be deemed as breached and become null and void.


  • The purchaser agrees to pay the balance owing in full for the puppy, either up to 24hrs before collection by bank transfer or cash at the time of collection - no other forms of payment will be accepted and if payment is not received by the time of collection then the puppy will not leave the vendors premises until the balance is paid in full by either of these payment methods.


  •  If any of the terms set out in this ‘Pre Sales Contract’ have been deemed to of been breached, then the vendors can terminate this agreement and sale of the reserved puppy for what ever reason. The contract will be terminated and become null and void at the point that the vendors give written notice (including notice by electronic messaging) to the purchaser, If the contract is terminated under a breach of terms any deposit paid by the purchaser will not be refunded to them under any circumstances by the vendor. The purchaser agrees that the vendor will not be liable for any form of financial compensation for emotional trauma or financial loss due to the termination of this contact. Therefore the vendor remains the legal and rightful owner of puppy until the purchase price is paid in full and ‘Puppy Sales Contract’ signed by both parties.





Kennel Club Registered Name:


Kennel Club Registration Number:


Microchip Number:




Purchase Price: £ 

Deposit Amount: £ 


Agreed Date of Collection Of Puppy:    _ _ / _ _ /2021


Signed (The Purchaser/s):     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Signed (The Vendors):      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Names:                                  Joanna R. Dalton              Paul T. Dalton