Our Stud Service

We offer a very comprehensive stud service and can tailor it to suit the needs of you and your bitch. Whether you are a experienced breeder like ourselves or just starting out with your very first litter we are happy to offer support, help and advise at every stage of the breeding process. You are welcome to board your bitch with us for up to a week while she is being mated, although usually it's between 3 and 5 days that she is with us. Or we can agree to do matings on a pre agreed days and times if you prefer, If this method is chosen we do advise using progesterone testing to determine the best day(s) for mating to prevent wasted journeys if you bitch isn't ready to be mated. 

Boarding your bitch with us gives you and your bitch the benefit of our experience of knowing when your bitch is ready to be mated. We are fully insured and we have safe, secure facilities to care for your bitch as though she was one of our own dogs, while she is with us to ensure she has a stress free enjoyable stay with us. This method of mating firstly makes it less stressful for the bitch, as she gets to know us and the stud dog before mating and have found it to be much more successful method of mating than trying to do a mating between two dogs who have just met each other. As the bitch is relaxed and of course we can attempt a mating at a time determined by her behaviour, not what it suitable for us and the bitch owner. Secondly it eliminates a lot of the stresses for you associated with having your bitch mated such as "Have I got the right day?"  coupled with the stress of a repeated often long car journeys across the country and then that constant nagging worry after the mating about if you mated her at the right time. For ours, yours and of course your dogs peace of mind and your bitches safety, we have a trusted vet who is available 24hrs a day if we need him. 

We do appreciate that staying with us is not always the stress free option for all bitches and this is why we will happily work around you and your bitches needs to find the solution that works for you. If you prefer to arrange to do matings on pre agreed days, be that with or without progesterone testing, then we are happy to accommodate you and your dogs needs. 

We have three well proven and experienced  Boston Terrier stud dogs and currently one proven Whippet stud dog, their pedigrees and a little more about each one of them can be found by clicking the links to each of their profile pages below - where you can view photos as well as details of their progeny and view and print their pedigree. Each one of our dogs has their own attributes and qualities. Choosing the correct match of stud dog to your bitch is a complicated matter and there are many factors involved which includes COI and pedigree research, a bit more about what COI is, how it is caluclated and how best to use the results can be found here in our Coefficient Of Inbreeding document. We will always give you the benefit of our knowledge of what attributes each one of our stud dogs can bring to a litter and advise you the best 'fit' to your bitch. 

Boston Terrier Stud Dogs 

Whippet Stud Dogs

The actual stud service consists of two or three matings usually 24 - 48hrs apart and we like to achieve natural matings, although we are fully trained in the use of Artificial Insemination (AI) if the rare occasion arises where for whatever reason a natural mating is not possible, but it is only used when all other methods to get a natural mating have been attempted. We also give you a comprehensive litter record folder completed with the full details of both your bitch and your chosen stud dog which enables you to record every detail of the litter from mating until the resulting pups leave you. We are also on hand to offer support and advise should you need us at any time. If your bitch fails to conceive, we do offer a free return stud service (terms and conditions apply). 

We as experienced and knowledgeable breeders have a duty of care to protect the health and welfare of individual dogs, our breed and the pedigree lines that we and so many before us have worked so hard with, therefore we reserve the right to refuse a mating should we feel for any reason it would be detrimental to the individual dog, the breed or the health and welfare of the resulting puppies.

If you would like to book to potentially use our stud service, please ensure you have read our Stud Service Contract before proceeding with filling in our Stud Service Enquiry form.